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You need to be aware of the carpet cleaning Houston TX plans that you are getting yourself into. This is to make sure that your carpet is protected well. It helps to vacuum once a week so the dirt will be less likely to move itself deep into your carpet’s fibers. Pressure from stepping on a carpet can force dirty to move deeper into the carpet. This can cause fibers to cut up, thus weakening the carpet and making it wear out quickly.

Carpet Cleaning Houston TXYou’ve also got to clean up spills quickly. This is to make sure they don’t set into your carpet and cause stains. A steam cleaning procedure also needs to be done on occasion to help with protecting it. You have to work with these procedures to help with taking out contaminants like pollen and air pollution from your carpet. It’s also to get rid of car exhaust and dust among other things.

Carpet Cleaning Houston TXThere are even cases where cigarette smoke can get in your carpet. It is true that it is harmful to people with respiratory issues, allergies, children and the elderly. It can also be harmful to a carpet because of the nearly four thousand compounds found in tobacco smoke. There are even cases where it might get on your shoes and be tracked around your home.

All of these reasons are why you need to contact us for your
carpet cleaning plans. We work with steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, to help with getting deep stains out of your carpets. It works by using a hot water solution at a high level of pressure to help remove water and dirt from the deepest parts of a carpet. In fact, our carpet cleaning Houston TX plan uses a low moisture system. This is a system that involves all the benefits but with less water.

Our procedure is recommended by many of the country’s top carpet makers. These include such big names as Shaw. In fact, DuPont requires this procedure so its warranties can be followed properly. The same can also be said for your carpet manufacturer.

In fact, a variety of trade unions dedicated to carpets recommend the procedures that we use. Some of the groups that recommend hot water extraction include the State Fabric Institute, World Floor Covering Association and the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Truck-mounted extraction materials are also used here. We use these because they are stronger that portable extraction materials. It is also easier to keep the procedure controlled without risking over-shampooing, a condition that can cause the stains in a carpet to wick up and cause damages to a spot. It is a plan that we use for carpet cleaning Houston TX needs to keep it working well.

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